5 for 5 Logo: Fund Centers for Independent Living - 500 Million; 5 Core Services

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) (Title VII, Rehabilitation Act, as amended) have been underfunded for decades, leading to individuals with disabilities lacking access to critical services and support!

Many areas in the U.S., especially in rural communities do not have access to a CIL. CILs need more funding in order to expand their service areas to address the unmet needs.







1,216,970 Services Provided

In 2020, CILs transitioned 3,915 individuals from institutional settings to the community. Based on information from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average nursing home cost is $105,852 each year, compared to home and community-based supports, which average $31,100 per year. That equates to a savings of $292,654,080 annually, or a 231% return on investment.

712,223 Successful Outcomes

CILs provide a unique one-stop resource to people with disabilities. Most of our staff, board, and management are individuals with disabilities. This creates responsive, dynamic, and knowledgeable places for people to turn to.

In 2020, 66% of all staff of CILs were people with disabilities, employing 4,575 individuals with disabilities with 1,197 in management of their CIL.  

Individuals with Disabilities Need Better Access to Comprehensive Independent Living Services

Funding CILs enables individuals with disabilities to live in their homes with their families where they can work, attend school, worship, and participate in other community activities. CILs are hubs of disability information, resources, services, and advocacy. CILs are vital to the whole community. It also creates tremendous savings for taxpayers.

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